Enter through the Veil

The purpose of Enter through the Veil is to help you cultivating the habit of connecting with God. In the coming three months, we will follow the same daily schedule, in Bible reading and prayer.


19 minutes each day, either at a specific time (e.g. 8:00 am) , or a specific segment of the day (e.g. before shower or before bedtime). Just like brushing your teeth, you won’t go to bed until you have it done.


Set aside a particular location to start this journey, a place where you are “unplugged” and free from distraction.




Follow these 5 simple steps for your daily encounter with God:

Slowing Down (2 minutes)

For the first two minutes, try to slow down from the fast-lane of life, and lay down your burden to God by praying: “Dear Lord, here I am desired to spend the next 19 minutes with you. May you bless this moment, and bring changes into my life”

Reading (5 minutes)

Go through the daily passage once. Re-read the passage again, with a slower pace. If possible, try reading the passage aloud. By combining reading aloud and listening, you will be able to receive God’s Word in a much deeper way!

Reflecting (5 minutes)

Four reflection questions to help you connecting with God’s Word.

  • GOD: How is God being described in today’s passage? How can I praise God and His characters?
  • HUMAN: How is human weakness and sinfulness being highlighted in the passage? Is there anything I need to confess to God?
  • GOSPEL: How does God promise to save us?
    How will I cry to God? How will I express my thanksgiving to Him?
  • CHANGE: How does God challenge me to bring changes in my life?

Praying(A.C.T.S.) (5 minutes)

In prayer, let your Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication be known to God. And take time to cultivate a listening ear for His response to your prayer.

Recording (2 minutes)

At the end, record briefly what you have received, including:

  • a verse that touched you
  • your prayer to God
  • God’s response to you
  • your resolution for change